Lotions Potions Tinctures & Teas

Lotions Potions Tinctures & Teas  

Join me on our lotions, potions, tinctures & teas workshops and discover why plants really are the bee’s knees!  Would you like to discover the healing power of plants growing freely around you, which ones to choose and how to make your own home remedies? Then join us on one of our workshops where we’ll discuss herbal health and beauty and make a bespoke product to take home using the plants grown and preserved here at Gingerfields.

The workshops below are suitable for those of you with zero experience keen to have a go to those of you that have dabbled and want to come play for the day!


WORKSHOP 1: Make your own herbal infused oils  

On this one day workshop, you will

  • Identify and harvest herbs growing wild in the pasture and those cultivated in the kitchen garden
  • Learn how best to dry and store selected herbs for later use
  • Gain an understanding of how to create good quality infused oil with freshly picked and previously dried herbs
  • Start your own infusion with your chosen herb to be completed at home (the best oils take time)
  • Leave with written instructions for independent production at home

To complete the infused oils process at home, you will ideally have access to a blender, funnel and muslin cloth.  If you don’t already have said equipment, you may have something similar at home that could do the job?  So please do contact me before spending your hard earned money.

Your finished oil can be massaged straight into the skin or used as a base for balms or creams…


WORKSHOP 2: Make your own balm using infused oils

On this one day workshop, you will

  • Acquire the skills to turn infused oils into user friendly balms
  • Discover the types of oils and butters that can be used to create a balm 
  • Learn how to adjust the firmness to suit your application
  • Follow simple recipes to create two or three sample pots to take home

These are stand alone workshops, but taken together, you will gain an understanding of the basic principles involved in making your own home remedies.

Please note:  If you are on prescribed medication or are pregnant or breastfeeding do not use herbal products, except on the advice of a qualified herbal practitioner, of which, I am not!


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All materials provided. Light refreshment included. Please bring a lunch.

WORKSHOP 1: Saturday 29th June 10am – 4pm

WORKSHOP 2: Saturday 9th November 10am – 4pm

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