Forest Gardening

FOREST GARDENING describes the growing of useful plants in a multi-layered scheme which mimics that of a young woodland.  Like the woodland, it has trees, shrubs, climbers and herbaceous plants.  The edible forest garden includes fruit and nut producing trees and soft fruit bushes in the upper layers and perennial vegetables and herbs at ground level.  There are no hard and fast rules and each forest garden will be unique, tailored to the user’s needs and space available.

Why Grow A Forest Garden?

Forest Gardening is the most natural, low impact way to garden; once your plants are established there is very little work to do!  Forest gardens are low maintenance, self sustaining and productive.

They require little or no weeding, watering or feeding.  There is more time to enjoy and observe the activity in the garden.  Harvesting feels more like foraging and being a slower process it can be wholly immersive.  Of course, there is always the danger you may consume more than you pick for the table?   

 A forest garden is a beautiful and edible retreat not only for the heart, mind and tummy but for all the wildlife guaranteed to make it their home.

 On this one day workshop you will learn:

  • The yields you could grow eg food, dye, medicine.
  • The 7 layers of a forest garden.
  • The plants that make up these layers and their uses.
  • How to build fertility.
  • Basic design methods to get you started.


We will take a look at the perennials growing here at Gingerfields to help give you an idea of their different growth habits and their suitability to your own outdoor space.  There may be plants for sale on the day.  Please note I will only be able to take cash payment for any purchased.

All materials provided. Light refreshment included. Please bring a lunch.

Saturday 13th July 11am – 4pm

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